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by Madison Brightwell on 09/05/22



Although I didn’t keep a copy of my first book, I did fortunately keep a copy of my first story, entitled “By the Pool”, and I can send it to anybody who would like a copy.


I wrote this when I was twelve. I had advanced to reading books about humans by that time, although I still had a great love of animals. My favorite book at that time was “Run Wild Run Free” and it mentions a little boy who could talk to animals, so that was the inspiration for my story.


The only other thing to say about the story, is that I have now recreated my “pool” as much as I am able, in my backyard here in WNC, so I am attaching a picture of that here as well. We don’t have a lot of animals visiting but we do have a chorus of frogs that serenade us every night in the summer months. ??

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